Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni

01.04.2019 – 31.12.2019

Afspraak, thought as an open window, is a circulation, a wide conversation from intense intentions of persons connected in one way or another to Rib—neighbors, colleagues, friends, visitors. Rib becomes a mailbox and a public library.

Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni (1988, FR) is based in Lyon. Pano-Zavaroni organises situations based on encounters and postal exchangess—though her media might be equally clothes, speech, food, drink, and forms of transport. Her work establishes local and remote communities of shared thoughts and ideas, motivated by an interest in the values of community and friendship, and the potential of social over financial dynamics. Along with many others, Elliman has participated in Éléonore’s postal-service project Rendez-vous for the recent Villeurbanne/Rhone-Alpes IAC Biennial in Lyon, also called Rendez-vous.